To commemorate Michael's birthday on August 29th, fans from all around the world are making a donation to a charity in honour of Michael. Fans nominate their favourite charities and of these, three finalists will be chosen. Everyone then takes a vote and donate to the charity with the most votes. Click on Previous Posts on the right to see what we have done in past years.

1 September 2011

Thank you!

We have received all your info and forwarded it to the charity. Here is the card that they sent to Michael’s children. The picture on the front is one of their favourite photos of the orphans.

Front of card

Inside of card

They have also sent a thank you card to us! This card is from their HopeArt collection, which is designed by their orphans.

This card comes from all the wonderful people at Orphan’s Lifeline.

If you would like to keep a full-sized version of these cards, you can download the PDF file at (Click 'download' on the grey bar on the right.)

Many thanks to everyone who donated, supported us and helped to spread the word among your fellow fans and family members. Your contribution will go a long way to help children who have no-one else to care for them. Orphan’s Lifeline’s founder said it best in the card, “Through you, Michael’s love for children lives on.”

A special mention to BMJ Publishing of Canada - Brenda Jenkyns and Kathy Gerren, the author and illustrator of this beautiful book, have donated a portion of the proceeds in support of our project.

For every book sold, they donate 20% of the selling price to children’s charities in Michael’s name. If you would like to get a copy of this beautiful picture book, please go to their website above. The book is not sold in bookstores. It makes a wonderful present for children (and adults too!). You can also order a print or canvas of some of the beautiful artwork to put up on your wall.

Thank you, Brenda and Kathy, for making such a beautiful book for us to enjoy, and for carrying on Michael’s legacy by supporting charities in his name.

A big thank you to Larisa Krasnoscheck from Moscow, Russia, who donated US$1,000 to Orphan’s Lifeline on behalf of the Russian fan club,
I don't know what to say... just...... Photobucket

The orphans will know a better future from your kindness.

The same goes for everyone who donated, including those whose names do not appear in the card.

And now, for the goodie that we promised you earlier - a print of artist Eliza Lo’s beautiful artwork, which goes to one lucky donor who donated $25 or more.

The winner was randomly chosen via And the picture goes to... Agnieszka Gocek from Poland!

Congratulations, Agnieska! Directions are in your email on how to contact the artist.

If you not the lucky winner but would like a copy of this or other drawings by Eliza, she will soon be publishing a book of her art. Proceeds will benefit children’s charities. You can connect with Eliza on Facebook and stay in touch. Thank you, Eliza, for donating a copy of your beautiful artwork for this project!

Thank you to everyone for your generosity, for carrying on Michael’s legacy, and for keeping his memory alive. It is so heartwarming to see his fans from every corner of the world continue to carry on his spirit to make the world a better place. I hope that together, we can do this for many more years to come.

If you would like to continue donating to Orphan’s Lifeline, you can do so at their regular donation page. Charity does not have to end just because Michael’s birthday is over. You can also continue to write letters to the orphans anytime (details in the post below). They would love to hear from you.

We hope to see you again - same time, same place next year. :)

(P.S. - We may be doing a charity art auction in aid of Somalia before the end of the year. We do not have definite plans at the moment, but do please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.)