To commemorate Michael's birthday on August 29th, fans from all around the world are making a donation to a charity in honour of Michael. Fans nominate their favourite charities and of these, three finalists will be chosen. Everyone then takes a vote and donate to the charity with the most votes. Click on Previous Posts on the right to see what we have done in past years.

26 August 2011


Total donations received: US$3,608.49. smile

To those who donated via Paypal and live outside the US, the charity said that Paypal did not give them information about which country you're from and it just says "Not in USA". If you would like your country to be represented, please send us the name you used to donate and your country. Leave a comment below or contact us privately. Thanks!

Once we send the charity all the required info, they will make the card and we will post it here.


August 30th: Orphan’s Lifeline is working on creating a card with our names to send to Michael’s children. They are using a card from their HopeArt collection - cards designed by the orphans. You can buy some of these cards for your own use, instead of buying from the store. There are cards for all occasions and proceeds go towards supporting the orphans. Cards are $1.50 each, with free shipping.


August 29th: You can donate through the end of today, wherever you are in the world. The charity will send out a card with your names to Michael’s children first thing on the 30th or when all the cheques have cleared.


Donations received as of August 25, 2011: US$2,731.00.

Please send in your donations to reach Orphan’s Lifeline by August 29th. If you are sending a cheque or money order, please allow for time for the cheque to clear.

We have also just received a request from Orphan’s Lifeline -

"The children are WAITING for letters, please take a minute of your day and write to them!! Email your letter to Our Orphan Aid staff will send your letter to the director of a children’s home who will then read them to the children."

Please write in English. (It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect!)

A letter doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t have to write a long letter. Tell the children about yourself - they will be so curious! Tell about your family, your pets, your house, your yard. What does it look like? Tell them what you did this weekend - did you work on the house? Go on a hike? Read a book? Watch TV? Visit with family? Describe the event and don’t forget the smallest details: they probably won't have similar experiences, so they wouldn’t be able to imagine it unless you give a lot of details. What about your work? What do you do? What is the name of your best friend? Your children? And of course, send your LOVE, and support!


Donations received as of August 18, 2011: US$1,342.00.

Donations received as of August 11, 2011: US$916.00.

Donations received as of August 3, 2011: US$695.00.