To commemorate Michael's birthday on August 29th, fans from all around the world are making a donation to a charity in honour of Michael. Fans nominate their favourite charities and of these, three finalists will be chosen. Everyone then takes a vote and donate to the charity with the most votes. Click on Previous Posts on the right to see what we have done in past years.

28 July 2010


There seems to have been some miscommunication with some non-English speaking fans. I would like to clarify that:

I am not collecting money for myself.
I am not collecting money for my charity. (I don’t own any charities!)
I am not collecting money for Michael Jackson.
I am not collecting money for anybody's charity.
No charity paid me any money to collect money for them.

I am asking you to donate to a charity of YOUR choice for Michael's birthday.

Some fans are concerned whether their donations will be used wisely by the charities. If you look below each charity, there is a link for “Check their charity ratings”. These ratings are provided by an independent charity rating organisation called Charity Navigator. (No, it does not belong to me.) These are the criteria they use to rate the charities. Charity Navigator obtains the charities’ annual financial statements from the IRS (US tax department).

All the three charities selected are rated 4 stars (out of a possible 4) - the highest rating possible. You can also click on “Financial history” below each charity to see how they have spent donations in the past. These charities were chosen because they do good work, have good reputations and spend donations responsibly.

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