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30 August 2013

Prajwala, India

I made a donation to Prajwala, a charity based in India.

Prajwala rescues victims of human trafficking, including girls duped or sold into sexual slavery by their impoverished parents. Thousands of young girls from vulnerable circumstances fall into traps of deception by traffickers who promise them a better life. Yearning to escape dire poverty, debt or domestic abuse, these girls—most of whom come from rural villages with no educational background—are easily lured by the prospects of a stable job and the glamour of seemingly prosperous cities. Most girls have no idea they are being trafficked until they reach the brothel where they are sold to a pimp or madam.

Sex trafficking not only results in a severe violation of human rights but also causes adverse physical, psychological and moral consequences for the victims. All hopes and dreams of a better life are shattered and over time the girls become penniless, mentally broken and affected with serious or life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. Today, sex trafficking of women and children is one of the fastest growing areas of national and international criminal activity.

Prajwala rescues, rehabilites (through providing care and education) and reintegrates children and women rescued from a life of slavery. Some children are repatriated to their own countries. They also carry out community-based prevention programmes.

Check out their website:
Blog (a really good read!):
To donate, go here.

You can also follow their Facebook page here.


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Avinash Smith said...

There are a lot of girls out there who do not even have the money to get the education or for that matter their parents do not have. This is why there are several charitable organizations that are involved in providing charity of girls education.

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